Young Artists Studio – Fairfield – Emphemeral Art Study at Devil’s Den

Last week, we had a Girl Scout meeting at The Young Artists Studio. One thing they were talking to the girls about was Andy Goldworthy and Ephemeral Art and how that inspired them in many ways in starting their business.

Well, that inspired us to try some ourselves. We went out to Devil’s Den and brought along our cameras/phones. Here are some of the shots we took of the project. We found an old saw mill by a pond.

Initial phase, silvery bark.

ChowderGirl added some leaves.

The moss was a brilliant addition - and required so many trips up and down the waterfall.

Finished work.

With editing/filtering.

Since we were on a kick with man made messes and natural elements, someone smooshed part of a Hostess orange cupcake onto a tree.

Hostess Cupcake in a tree with a waterfall.

Don't worry, we removed it.

And finally, not our work, but a great example of humanity spitting in the face of nature. Right at the edge of 1756 acres of nature, a Capitol like glittery glimmery home.

Take THAT Nature Conservancy!

P.S. Check out The Young Artists Studio for some wonderful inspirational kid and family friendly activities!

First & Last Tavern in Middletown CT – Great Chowder, Great Food

We were in Middletown recently for a sad occasion. My grandmother passed away and we were having the funeral there. But, as always, there is a positive. We got to visit with ChowderUncle, ChowderTia, ChowderCousins, and ChowderGrandparents.

Before we get to the review, I need to show the slickness that was my Nana.

Back when travel meant style.

So, the night before the funeral, we went to First & Last Tavern, near our hotel (The Inn at Middletown which I also highly recommend).

On to the review.

The chowder was OUTSTANDING. The waiter asked us if it was okay that there was bacon in it. Uh. Yeah. We are okay with bacon.

ChowderGirl protests her involvement but still eating.

Slurp! This chowder was so good! We loved it so much!

Give me a thumbs up, ChowderNiece!

ChowderBoy was obsessed with being with his cousin so he wasn’t interested in the chowder. He took one bite and walked away. But then…

I just want another taste.

He came back to steal the bowl.

You took my chowder!

Overall, we loved that chowder. It was perfect in so many ways. And of course, the bacon was great. And the drinks were fantastic! Always. :)