ChowderKids Hit Sage American Grill – Waterfront Dining in New Haven

The last day with Flat Stanley, we brought him to Sage American Grill & Oyster House in New Haven. We’ve enjoyed the chowder there before so we thought we would try it again.

The only complaint here was that the chowder was very very hot. Scalding hot.

Chillin out, maxin' relaxin'...

We are so glad we went back. Their chowder had great dill, tons of clams, perfect potatoes, and it was pretty thin. And you know what? We are developing a taste for thin chowder!

Love the pewter!

We thought it was so good. “The chowder is totally fantastic.” says ChowderBoy.

Flat Stanley, don't drink!

Bloody Mary’s will put hair on your chest, Flat Stanley! Be careful!!!!

Great brunch!


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