Kiraku in Fairfield – Sometimes You Feel Like It’s Awesome. Sometimes You Don’t.

We’ve been to Kiraku on the Post Road in Fairfield a number of times but we’ve never reviewed them. And we have really enjoyed our experiences there. This time was no exception, though some of the selections may not have been the smartest choices ever made.

Great miso!

ChowderGirl loves their miso soup. She says “It’s fantastic. Sometimes miso is mostly broth but this one is full of tofu and greens. And we all love the saltiness. It isn’t all thin and gross.”

Next up, we tried the shrimp shumai and the edamame. ChowderBoy loved them but was just keeping his stomach empty for his pad thai. We all thought the edamame was perfect. Not mushy. Not too hard. Juuuuuuust right.

Then the dumplings arrived – they are huge! ChowderBoy says they are good, not great. Here’s his potential thumbs up on the whole dumpling test.

Thumbs headed up for dumplings!

ChowderMom asked for a tuna roll with crunchy (yes, we know, what a terrible order). They decided to bring it with mostly cucumber and very little tuna. This is disappointing – their tuna is typically very good!

Too much crunchy, not enough tuna.

ChowderGirl always gets a Philadelphia roll, no matter where we go. This one was so good, she insisted she needed a second order.

She is going to hate this picture.

ChowderMom and ChowderDad usually split some interesting kind of roll when we get sushi. This time, we tried their Matt Roll. Honestly, I have no idea what was in it but it was so fracking good, we were semi-speechless.

"Holy smokes! Ridiculous. So fantastic. We love this roll."

Sadly, after his long wait, ChowderBoy was less than impressed by the somewhat bland Pad Thai. He said “Bland. Why is this bland? Yuck. It makes me sad.”

Overall, we love when we order the special rolls. We are less than impressed with the more boring stuff and highly recommend their sashimi which we did not order this time.

Bored Kids? Try Using Getty Stock Images to Judge Chowder

Mommmmmm. I’m bored. Can I turn on a screen of some kind? Any kind? Please?” says ChowderBoy.

ChowderMom thinks they get too much screen time but says “Sure! Come over to the computer and let’s use Getty Images to look at pictures of chowder. We’ll pick which one looks most interesting or tasty!

Um…that isn’t what I meant.

Too late!

clam chowder stock image

"Clam Chowder"

Healthy chowder with bacon

"Healthy Chowder With Bacon"

Clam Chowder and a Bucket of Clams

"Clam Chowder and a Bucket of Clams"

Cups full of chowder

"Cups full of Chowder"

Bowl of New England Clam Chowder

"Bowl of New England Clam Chowder with biscuit"

New England Clam Chowder

"New England Clam Chowder"

"Clam chowder. Thick clam soup (USA)"

"Clam chowder. Thick clam soup (USA)"

Five bowls with soups on tray

"Five bowls with soups on tray, view from above."

"Bowl of clam chowder"

Victory for mom! This exercise was so annoying to him…he wandered off to go build a Battlestar Gallactica raptor with Lego.

Me, I liked the middle top one but I am not sure how healthy and bacon work together with chowder.

ChowderKids Hit Sage American Grill – Waterfront Dining in New Haven

The last day with Flat Stanley, we brought him to Sage American Grill & Oyster House in New Haven. We’ve enjoyed the chowder there before so we thought we would try it again.

The only complaint here was that the chowder was very very hot. Scalding hot.

Chillin out, maxin' relaxin'...

We are so glad we went back. Their chowder had great dill, tons of clams, perfect potatoes, and it was pretty thin. And you know what? We are developing a taste for thin chowder!

Love the pewter!

We thought it was so good. “The chowder is totally fantastic.” says ChowderBoy.

Flat Stanley, don't drink!

Bloody Mary’s will put hair on your chest, Flat Stanley! Be careful!!!!

Great brunch!

ChowdaFest – It Was SO Bad, They Shall Remain Nameless

Nameless Restaurant’s Classic New England Clam Chowder

We rarely do this but I was just remembering back to a horrible sample at ChowdaFest.

It was so bad, these were the only comments:

  • “You stinkeroo.”
  • “Unbearable. Gets a 1.”
  • “It gets a 2. But only because I am not mean enough to give it a 0.”
  • “I’ve never given anything under a 5 but this was so bad. Ew. It is a 1. I SPIT IT OUT.”

And we are just TOO NICE to tell you which one it was!

Double Blech!