Flat Stanley Arrives and Becomes…Flat ChowderBoy

Flat Stanley: Guest ChowderBoy

Flat Stanley joined the Chowder Family this week, courtesy of our cousin/nephew in Northern California. So we decided to take him on a Chowder Journey to help him tell a story about New England.

First Stop: Newport, Rhode Island

We brought him to the Five 33 Lounge on Goat Island, home of one of our all time favorite chowders.

Aquidneck Clam Chowder

ChowderBoy ordered a cheese plate. Flat Stanley was not interested. But ChowderCheeseBoy thinks it is amazing. Most of it. Some of it ended up in our mini-fridge.

Rubbing his hands in anticipation...

ChowderGirl ordered the Aquidneck Clam Chowder.

Flat Stanley! Don't bogart the chowder!

ChowderMom ordered a Coddington beer of some kind!

Stanley! You are too young for this!

Stanley Says: These couches are the most comfortable couches ever! If we lived here, we would be the happiest people in the world! And they have the Bruins on! It’s like heaven!

Stanley Says...

The chowder was outstanding. Unlike many chowders we’ve tasted before, it was unusual. Extra buttery, red potatoes with the skins on, the perfect amount of dill and seasonings and holy clams, Batman.

ChowderBoy and Flat Stanley were so happy with the chowder that they ordered more from room service.

Room Service!

You jerks! But hey, thanks for the extra beer!

Tomorrow – Black Pearl!


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