ChowdaFest Review – Southport Brewing Company

First things first. We love Southport Brewing Company. We have had some great meals there. Last fall, the ChowderParents had a ridiculously great drink there. And ChowderKids had a great pasta dish. We love them. In fact, the day we saw the house we bought, we went to SBC to discuss the purchase. We have a long standing love of this place.

On to the review.

Southport Brewing Company: Clams Casino

The biggest thing about this soup was that none of us could figure out why it is considered Clams Casino.

  • “What makes it Clams Casino anyway?”
  • “It is a great tasting soup but I don’t understand what makes it Clams Casino? I need a bigger bacon flavor, among other things.”


The biggest question was…WHERE IS THE DEAD PIG?

Clams Casino Chowder

We liked it very much. But not knowing why it is called Clams Casino Chowder…we were confused. And saddened.

Southport Brewing Company: Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Once again, the ChowderFamily asks “Where is the dead pig?” If it is supposed to be sausage-inclusive, why don’t we taste any sausage?

Where's the dead pig?

It has a bit of a weird taste.

We liked it in theory more than in practice.

ChowderBoy? Liked everything about it and had 3 cups.

Nice booth set up though! We liked the visual :)


We still love you SBC!


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